MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator
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Instructor-Led Training
Instructor-Led Training
Instructor-Led Training
Instructor-Led Training

The Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) is  crucial for IT professionals who aim to excel in managing IT infrastructure, particularly in environments that extensively use Microsoft 365 services. Here are the key reasons why this certification is necessary:

Expertise in Microsoft 365 Services: Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) provide in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 services, which are widely used in many organizations. This expertise is essential for effectively managing and optimizing Microsoft 365 environments.

Identity and Access Management: The Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) focuses on identity and access management, teaching professionals how to manage user identity and roles, secure identities, and implement authentication methods. These skills are critical in safeguarding organizational data and resources.

Advanced Security Skills: Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) training covers various aspects of Microsoft 365 security, including threat protection, data governance, and compliance. This knowledge is essential for protecting an organization’s infrastructure against cyber threats and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Device and Application Management: This certification encompass managing devices and applications within an enterprise environment, which is a key component of modern IT infrastructure management.

Integration and Coordination: They provide knowledge on how to integrate and coordinate various Microsoft 365 services and features, ensuring a seamless and efficient IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services Proficiency: As organizations increasingly move towards cloud-based solutions, proficiency in Microsoft 365, a leading cloud service suite, becomes essential. These certifications validate an IT professional’s ability to manage and optimize cloud services.

Career Advancement: Holding Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) can significantly enhance an IT professional’s career prospects, as they demonstrate a high level of skill and expertise in Microsoft 365, which is highly sought after by employers.

Keeping Up with Technology Trends: This certification ensures that IT professionals stay up-to-date with the latest Microsoft 365 features and best practices, which is crucial in the rapidly evolving field of IT.

Validation of Skills: Earning Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) certification validates a professional’s ability to handle complex roles involving Microsoft 365 deployments and management, thereby increasing their credibility in the field.

Strategic Planning and Implementation: They equip professionals with the skills needed for strategic planning and implementation of Microsoft 365 services within an organization, aligning IT infrastructure with business goals.

For IT professionals aiming to specialize in Microsoft 365 or manage IT infrastructure in organizations that utilize Microsoft services extensively, the Microsoft 365 Administrator (MS-102) certification is indeed valuable assets. They not only enhance professional skills but also open up opportunities for advancement in the field of IT infrastructure management.

Career Prospect
  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • IT Support Technician
  • First/Second Line IT Support
General Facilities

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Learning Facilities
  • Classroom based Training
  • Highly experienced trainer
  • Labs kit, study material, exam
  • Continuous support after course
Dates & Timings
Start Date Timing Days Duration Mode Of Training
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday5 DaysPhysical Classroom
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday5 DaysVirtual Classroom
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday5 DaysPhysical ClassroomBased
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday5 DaysVirtual ClassroomBased
Course Contents

MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator


Module 1: Configure your Microsoft 365 experience

  1. Configure your Microsoft 365 experience
  2. Manage users, licenses and mail contacts in Microsoft 365
  3. Manage groups in Microsoft 365
  4. Add a custom domain in Microsoft 365
  5. Configure client connectivity to Microsoft 365

Module 2: Manage your Microsoft 365 tenant

  1. Configure administrative roles in Microsoft 365
  2. Manage tenant health and services in Microsoft 365
  3. Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
  4. Analyze your Microsoft 365 workplace data using Microsoft Viva Insights

Module 3:Implement identity synchronization

  1. Explore identity synchronization
  2. Prepare for identity synchronization to Microsoft 365
  3. Implement identity synchronization tools
  4. Manage synchronized identities
  5. Manage secure user access in Microsoft 365

Module 4: Explore security metrics in Microsoft 365 Defender

  1. Examine threat vectors and data breaches
  2. Explore the zero trust security model
  3. Explore security solutions in Microsoft 365 Defender
  4. Examine Microsoft Secure Score
  5. Examine Privileged Identity Management
  6. Examine Azure Identity Protection

Module 5:Manage your security services in Microsoft Defender

  1. Examine Exchange Online Protection
  2. Examine Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  3. Manage Safe Attachments
  4. Manage Safe Links

Module 6:  Implement threat protection by using Microsoft 365 Defender

  1. Explore threat intelligence in Microsoft 365 Defender
  2. Implement app protection by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  3. Implement endpoint protection by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  4. Implement threat protection by using Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Module 7: Explore data governance in Microsoft 365

  1. Examine data governance solutions in Microsoft Purview
  2. Explore archiving and records management in Microsoft 365
  3. Explore retention in Microsoft 365
  4. Explore Microsoft Purview Message Encryption

Module 8: Implement compliance in Microsoft 365

  1. Explore compliance in Microsoft 365
  2. Implement Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
  3. Implement Microsoft Purview Information Barriers
  4. Explore Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention
  5. Implement Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Module 9: Manage compliance in Microsoft 365

  1. Implement data classification of sensitive information
  2. Explore sensitivity labels
  3. Implement sensitivity labels
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Mincho Bozov
Mincho Bozov
I've done CompTia A+,Windows 10 ,Office 365 and Azure Administrator courses with Impact IT Training. I am very satisfied with my teacher Mr. Noman' knowledge and experience. I'm very happy with the courses and recommend Impact IT Training.
kostas kostas
kostas kostas
Thanks for the training! Really enjoyed it!!
Marija Smiljanic
Marija Smiljanic
I highly recommend Impact IT Training as it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start (or develop) their IT career. Noman is very knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. The courses were exactly what I was hoping for. Looking forward to CEH course in September!
Went for CCNA, Security+ and CEH, needless to say, Khurram has been an excellent teacher in the networking and security field. I passed all 3 courses with labs, revision and communication provided by them. CCNA was brilliant, it set the foundation I needed, coming for a telecommunications background, security+ was enjoyable and a straightforward certification, this prepares you for the final CEH exam which was an amazing learning experience. Thank you Impact!
Nina Arif
Nina Arif
I completed 3 courses with Impact IT Training so far, and passed my Comptia Security+ and CCNA, which I'm very happy about! I am currently studying for my CEH exam here too. The courses I did were intensive, so the pace was fast. The trainers were very supportive and helped me to pass my exams. Noman taught me Comptia A+ and he was a very kind teacher. I had Khurram for my CCNA and for my CEH course. His lessons were very comprehensive and he made sure the students had all the materials in order to understand the courses fully. I would recommend Impact IT Training to anyone wishing to persue an IT-related career.
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